The good lie

The good lie is about refugees that goes to America and work and try to make their lives better than they were in Sudan. We mostly follow 3 guys and 1 girl but the girl has to go to another town. In the movie they meet some challenges and after all four of them are... Continue Reading →


Plastic vs life under water

The plastic in the ocean is a huge problem for life under water. The whale on Sotra starved to death because it ate plastic and thought it was full. Plastic has become a huge problem, and this is our fault. Many sea creatures die every year of plastic. Plastic has a huge impact on many... Continue Reading →


The purpose of photojournalism is to tell a story. Without a picture the story feels incomplete. Picture awakens emotions and it makes the story more real. Photojournalism is different from other types of pictures because it is not documenting an event, like a wedding photographer does.   I have decided to describe this picture because... Continue Reading →

‘Spotlight’ the movie

Spotlight is about priests that molested children and used their positions in church to cover it up. And some journalists are trying to make a story about it and show people what happened. Since I did not get to finish the movie I do not know what happened at the end thats why I am... Continue Reading →

Water crisis

I decided to read about the water crisis.   My thoughts on the water crisis;   I think that it is a huge problem that people do not have water anymore and there is less water in the world. I wonder if the ice that is melting can fix that, or will it be too... Continue Reading →

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Reluctant Fundamentalist Moshin Hamid is the author of The Reluctant Fundamentalist. He is a Pakistani novelist, writer and brand consultant. He is from Lahore, that place is also mentioned in the book because the main person is from there. Moshin is 46 years old. My thoughts of the book: I don’t like this book.... Continue Reading →

Gran Torino

  Writing assignment after watching the film – choose 2 of these questions and write about them on your blog. 1. How does culture influence one’s belief systems and how can getting .to know different cultures change your own belief system? Use the film and your own experiences in your answer. I  dont think it... Continue Reading →


Females caries children in their womb. Females have done all the housework for 100s of years. Females are compassionate. Females shouldn’t feel like they are worth less than men. Females deserve just as much rights as men.   Females still doesn’t have all the rights men do. We dont earn as much, and in some... Continue Reading →

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